Why Do I Need Softwater?


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  1. Remove all components from package

  2. Remove packaging from carbon cartridge and install in blue or clear plastic housing supplied

  3. Attach the plastic housing to either end of the "Softee" using preinstalled universal female garden hose coupling. (located on the "OUT" side of the head, it is clearly marked)

  4. Attach one end of the 3 foot hose supplied to your water supply

  5. Attach the other end of the hose to the "IN" side of the housing using the preinstalled bushing

  6. Attach your garden hose to the other end of the "Softee"

  7. Turn on you water and flush the system for 2 miniutes

  8. Your "Softee" is ready to use

NOTE: Do Not Allow The "Softee" To Freeze


  1. Remove clear or blue bowl from prefilter (bayonet connection)

  2. Fill bowl with charging salt until full

  3. Re-attach full bowl to head of prefilter making certain not to damage 'o' rings

  4. Turn water supply on to 1/4 to 1/2 pressure and allow water to dissolve salt from the housing into the "Softee" (this should take about 5 minutes)

  5. Turn off water once all the salt is dissolve

  6. Remove bowl once again and install a new carbon cartridge in the pre-filter and reattach bowl to the head of the filter

  7. The salt dissolved into the "Softee" should sit for about 10-15 minutes. This will allow the ION exchage to take place

  8. Turn the water back on to normal pressure and flush the entire system for 5-10 minutes to remove salt

  9. The "Softee" is again ready for use

NOTE: Recharging intervals may vary slightly due to different geographical areas and the degree of hardwater experienced